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Varicose Veins are abnormal, enlarged, twisted and bulging veins which are felt and seen in the legs. They may be cosmetically distressing & also cause symptoms. They are usually located inside of the legs or thighs. They occur when vein walls get dilated & improper functioning of the valves present in them. This leads to stagnation of the blood flow and consequent pooling of blood in the veins. They develop over a period of many years and thus are often neglected. When untreated, they may lead to serious problems such as eczemas, chronic ulcers & lipodermatosclerosis.

Many people do not have any symptoms at all from their varicose veins, except for the fact that they are noticeable, and their appearance can be embarrassing.The commonest symptoms from varicose veins are aching, discomfort, swelling and heaviness of the legs, which are usually worse at the end of the day.Over the years, the extra pressure in the veins causes damage to the skin around the ankle, which can become dark in colour, sometimes with scarred white areas as well. Eczema (a skin rash) can develop. If these skin changes progresses, or if the skin is injured, an ulcer may result.

Veins that cause pain, swelling, bleeding, recurrent superficial blood clots, or ulceration are prime candidates for treatment. Veins that cause some other symptoms such as heaviness, aching, and fatigue, or that are cosmetically unappealing, may also benefit from treatment sometimes.

There are two general treatment options:

Conservative measures, such as lifestyle changes & compression stockings; and Corrective measures, such as chemical ablation (sclerotherapy), endovenous laser/radiofrequency ablation. In many cases, a combination of treatment methods works better.

Dr. Dhanraj Chavan

All about Varicose Veins – What are they, Why do they develop & How they are treated

What will happen if you
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Venous Eczema

Due to the prolonged blood stagnation in patients of varicose veins, skin changes occur, which lead to intense itching, scaling & discoloration. Over time it hampers the daily life of patients significantly. Also the eczematous skin becomes painful & has a burning sensation.

Spontaneous Bleeding

In patients with dilated varicose veins, the chances of spontaneous bleeding increase significantly. As the veins dilate, the skin over them becomes fragile and thin. So even minor trauma or scratching over them leads to sudden excessive bleeding, which is often difficult to control.

Venous Ulcer

The skin quality & thickness is significantly reduced in patients with Varicose Veins. Ulcers develop very easily. Also, the sluggish blood flow and increased pressure prevents the fast healing of the ulcers. These chronic non-healing ulcers are a big problem.

Permanent Hyperpigmentation

As the venous eczema progresses, the skin in patients with varicose eczema starts developing pigmentary changes. These changes occur due to extravasation of the stagnated blood from the varicose veins. Once the pigmentation starts developing, it is difficult to reverse it.


In advances stages of varicose vein disease, the skin in lower part of the leg starts hardening and becomes like wood. This is an almost irreversible stage of skin damage. Lipodermatosclerosed skin is very prone to develop chronic ulcers.

Leg Swelling

In Varicose Veins, due to the stasis of blood in the veins, there is extravasation of fluid into the surrounding tissue. In advanced disease, this extravasation leads to severe swelling in the leg. The veins are not able to drain the legs effectively leading to fluid retention.

Our Treatments


Worldwide, Endovenous Thermal Ablation of the Varicose Veins, by the means of laser or radiofrequency energy is considered to be the gold standard / best treatment for Varicose Veins. This works by destroying the dysfunctional varicose vein wall. With recent advances in regional anaesthesia, this procedure is performed as a day care surgery under Local Anaesthesia. There is no need for Spinal or General Anaesthesia, thus significantly increasing the safety & comfort profile of the surgery. The patient can walk back home the same day after the surgery is completed.


Newer advances in the understanding of etiopathogenesis of Varicose Veins have brought to fore the importance of destroying the smaller veins that are responsible for the skin problems & major morbidity in Varicose Vein patients. Dr Chavan is a major advocate, proponent and practitioner of the technique of Micorfoam Sclerotherapy, pioneered by Radhakrishnan et al first, which has revolutionised how Sclerosants can be effectively used to relieve patients of Varicose Veins. Using adequate concentrations and volumes of the sclerosant, it is possible to give success rates.


Patient Speaks

I'm so grateful to VeinMD, as after visiting this clinic, came to know Of the severity of my varicose veins. I trusted the advice and went ahead with the sclerotherapy treatment with proper guidance. In a few weeks time I was completely fine with no scars on my leg.

— Prashant

My aunt was suffering from varicose vein problem from last 5 years. We went to many doctors, but did not get any permanent solution and lost hope. One fine day, my friend suggested me to consult Dr Dhanraj Chavan of VeinMD clinic. When we meet him, he explained to us about Varicose Veins & the treatments in detail and suggested what we could do. With his treatments and guidance my aunt improved a lot in a months time. He is such a humble and an expert doctor who exactly understands his patient needs. Thank you so much Dr Dhanraj.

— Akansha

Dr Dhanraj examined my spider veins during third trimester of pregnancy. He suggested me few exercises and conservative treatments, which was really useful to me. These treatments controlled my pain and the itchiness. My entire pregnancy went out very smoothly. I wanted to thank him wholeheartedly.

— Poonam

Usually I used to get pain, muscle cramps and swelling on my lower legs but I neglected thinking it's just a pain. After consulting VeinMD, the doctors explained to me about my condition and did a doppler test. After seeing my report they said I have varicose veins problems and I need to get treatment done. Initially I was really scared about getting this treatment done. But, thanks to the doctors of VeinMD they boosted my confidence and supported me throughout the procedure. They are very professional and a must visit clinic. I am really thankful to the entire team of VeinMD.

— Preet

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Dr. Dhanraj Chavan

A strong advocate, proponent & practitioner of the Microfoam Sclerotherapy technique, Dr Chavan hopes to bring effective & affordable Varicose Vein treatment to the huge population of patients who suffer from Varicose Veins. He underwent training in Varicose Vein Management Techniques at premier hospitals in Italy & India both. He has been invited as Faculty in various National & International conferences, where he has presented & shared his work of treating Varicose Veins to the fellow Doctors.

Dr. Dhanraj Chavan