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Frequently Asked Questions?

Can varicose veins burst?

Lots of patients ask Can varicose veins burst? Answer to this is yes if you keep your bulged, painful veins untreated. Then there are chances of bleeding these veins with little trauma or minimal injury. Due to excess pressure, bleeding can lead to burst veins.

What causes varicose veins in legs?

Let’s know what causes varicose veins in the legs. Heredity, Prolonged Standing, Gender, Aging, Pregnancy, Obesity can be factors that can cause varicose veins. Due to these reasons, veins in legs get bulged, if blood doesn't flow towards the heart and start pooling...

When to worry about varicose veins?

Let’s try to know about when to worry about varicose veins. You should consult a doctor when you see the following symptoms : When veins start bleeding. Veins become red in color. Veins get sore and painful. Warmness is felt when touched. When you feel rashes around...

Why are my veins so visible?

“Why are my veins so visible?” When the valves present inside the veins of legs get damaged, blood flowing towards the heart from feet starts pooling in one place. This causes veins to get blood-filled and bulged. Gradually, these bulged veins become more visible.